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Building & Contents

All lenders require you to have adequate Buildings Insurance in place, as part of our service we will discuss your needs and ensure that you have the right policy in place for you. We have access to a large number of insurers, always placing emphasis on what is right for you.

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes. A "one-size fits all" insurance policy doesn't really exist, so making sure you have the right cover for the type of property you own is critical. On the face of it there is plenty of choice, as it seems everyone is offering buildings insurance these days, but often organisations leave you to decipher complex terms and conditions and decide for yourself whether a policy is right for your property.

As a part of our mortgage process we will provide the right quotation for your buildings and contents. 


Landlord insurance

As a landlord, your rental property can be a great asset. But, if you're unprepared or just plain unlucky, it can fast become a financial burden. Thankfully Landlord Insurance can help protect your property, covering you for events such as; loss or damage caused by fire, flood, leaking oil or fallen trees, accidental damage, theft, unpaid rent and legal disputes. 

As a part of our Buy to let mortgage process we will provide the right quotation for landlord insurance.

As with all insurances, conditions and exclusions will apply.


RLV  Mortgages will find you the best deal available to  you and your needs based on knowledge or research of the lenders criteria, meaning no disappointments down the line causing possible property loss or financial planning failures, as a lot of our clients have come to us after sourcing a good deal only to find they are not eligable for that product, even paying survey fees!

Waste no more time searching yourself, let us do the numbers!

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